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Tips to Build Kid-Friendly Summer Patio

Summer is coming! It means, it is time to go outside, wander around, soak the sun lights and enjoy the beautiful birds’ songs. The best thing to spend the summer is doing activities outside and gathering with family and friends on the patio. Build a summer patio will complete the summer so that outdoor activities can be done perfectly, especially with kids.

Here are some tips for you to build a kid-friendly patio for summer.

  1. Flat patio

There are some different types of stones that are usually used to build a patio such as natural stone, artificial stone, pavement, flagstone, brick, and many more. Natural stones tend to be stronger than the artificial one but it is mostly bumpy and rough that can trip hazard for kids and elderly. A flat stone surface with grit will let sandals, barefoot, and sneakers step safely and of course, it is kid-friendly.

  1. Cover the patio

Summertime tends to be very hot in some areas. You can cover the patio using side slider panels to protect you from harmful UV rays. If you and your family could not stand the heat, you may enclose the patio and put an air conditioner but make sure to put a huge window on it so that you can still see the scenery outside.

  1. Play area and movie theatre

On one of the corners of the patio, set up a space for kids to put their toys there. This play area will make kids comfortable to join the outdoor activities with the elderly. You can also put some toys that can be played together with such as monopoly, stacks, chess, balls, and others. To make it more fun, you can also set up a movie theatre on your summer patio so that you can watch your favorite movies together with your family and friends.

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